Our live audio feed can be found here.

This feed is currently scanning the new 700/800 mhz digital public safety radio system. The feed includes the audio from Berks County Fire and EMS as well as Reading Fire and EMS. There is text metadata available.

This feed originates from Topton, PA and also typically scans Fire and EMS radio from Berks and neighboring Lehigh County. This feed streams in an mp3 format and can be played with a variety of audio players including IPhones, Android phones, and Blackberries. If you choose to listen on a computer with a player such as WinAmp or iTunes, the channel information will be displayed. Unfortunately, the text will not be shown when using a player such as Windows Media Player. You can open this stream in your media player of choice by opening the following URL in the software: http://toptonfire.webredirect.org/stream.

Currently there are two applications that seem to work well for smartphones. “5-0 Radio” works well with Apple iPhones and iPads while the “Scanner Radio” application works well with Android devices. There is also an app available for iPhones/iPads called ProScan Mobile which also works well and displays talkgroup information.

For computer listeners, we recommend the program ProScan Client. This program is free for download at the ProScan.org website.